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BSP Steam Systems


The BSP team has been in the corrugated industry for over 25 years, and we have practical experience with and in-depth knowledge of total steam system integration. In addition to designing customized systems, we can also perform system audits to identify bottlenecks or performance problems.

A lack of strategic upgrades can potentially lead to mismatched system components, which can mean performance issues and/or downtime. With our industry-leading, expert understanding of the critical balance of producing and controlling steam and efficiently returning condensate, we can help you avoid or eliminate risks like waste, poor binding, blow-outs and delamination.


  • Fully functional BSP Express Link Double Backer is prefabricated for quick installations
  • Designed for your needs – from one to five control zones
  • Integrated controls with remote touch screen self diagnostics, alarms, and troubleshooting tips
  • Capable of communicating with any Corrugator control system
  • Pressures can be lowered to 10 psig with addition of BSP Ultra Low Pressure control
  • Quick responding system to decrease scrap during paper changes
  • Electric actuated valves “no air required”
  • BSP Humidification Belt Shower for belt conditioning


  • Designed for peripherally drilled corrugating rolls
  • Very clean installation “no piping in pits blocking water/starch flow to drains”
  • BSP steam separator removes condensate via steam trap
  • Allows 99% pure saturated steam for all rolls with no condensate back up
  • BSP Express Link controls to maintain differential across corrugating rolls with alarms and troubleshooting guide
  • Monitored by two pressure transducers on the main and make-up steam supply drops
  • BSP Humidification shower provides bi-phase steam to medium shower

Here’s What Makes BSP Steam Systems


  • Expertly designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing system; no mis-matched components
  • Prefabricated and thoroughly tested to ensure the fastest start-up when it’s installed in your facility
  • Engineered for peak performance and reliability, using the best materials and components
  • Self-monitoring and easily managed through your Express Link control system

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With over 25 years of experience, our team has the technical and practical know how to offer even the most complex installation, maintenance, repair, and service, to keep your equipment operating at peak performance.

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