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Plant system audits equal increased safety

System audits and testing from BSP.

Plant system audits equal

increased safety and production efficiencies

Whether your plant is only a few years old or a few decades, performing routine system audits is fundamental to keep your production lines operating at peak performance, identify potential issues and existing problems, and reduce downtime.

There exist two distinctly different camps when it comes to audits and testing as a preventative approach; those who believe “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”, and those who have experienced a catastrophic breakdown, and since experienced the benefits of identifying issues before they cause major costly downtime.

At BSP, we have seen far too many breakdowns and system failures that could have been detected and addressed before they became serious problems. And we know that performing a major repair or upgrade without an audit puts your plant at risk of either not achieving peak productivity, or creating a new upstream/downstream problem when the line returns to running at maximum load.


When performed by qualified experts, like BSP technicians and engineers, a thorough and systematic approach to testing your system will:

  • Uncover small issues you never knew existed, but are impacting performance

  • Uncover potentially disastrous problems that keep you up at night

  • Identify root causes, so you know the most effective approach to resolve them

Today’s high-speed production environments and incredibly competitive markets require consistent high-performance to be successful. The idea that breakdowns are unavoidable is outdated. With modern technologies to monitor and measure system performance, along with routine audits and expert diagnosis, downtime can be kept to an absolute minimum. If it’s not part of your protocol already, speak with one of our team members about our unique methodologies and solutions.

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